Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

ci3 cr-.13 6 k5A9 Actir:21 To the Chriflian Reader, Grace, n:ercie and peace fr umGod be nmleplied. B Communion of (hrjfti- ans With the Lord andamong them-- felues,is a doUrine (good reader) both need- full and comfortable to be knowen_, : for is theflay and ,frength ofthe foule in many tentations , and the slaeare5 to con- ferue the Church fedfaß ins faith and loue. And if in this point mens minds beretied aright , ,posti theground ofGods `' ri. word ; they will be the a boards of the 2 0E. x° z3, z 364 . Tabernacle sl-andcng upright , with their te- &c, nonsfa4ened infockets o, ff 'ver. For what is f veeter to a troubled confcience, then the .a urance offialvation ; and what is better to Jlablifh our WealZand fainting faith , then whenboth iefh andhart do fall, to glow er feele , that b god is the rock_ofour hart, and br f ,73, 2 Zilit a our