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The Preface ourportionfor ever. Againe, how good is it, e Pfal. i3;. and hots c pleatant, for brethren to dwell to- gether in unity?like thepretious ointment on Tarons head, and the dew on the mountains of Sion. godhath appointed his holyfonne lefus , to be the headand gevernour of his z Neb. 5,9. people ; the d axthor ofeternallfairation to ail them that obey hint. Hebathfet up al- fo the kingdamc ofChrif on earth, Whichit e xTi 3.3 , z f his Church, the e pillar azdground o f trsueth. f Ioh: 8,12..íe is the f l ht ofthe world, Whomallmuß follow, that wouldhase the light o flife; and gRev. 2I.9 g lerufalenf hisfporefe, is made bright by his II. 0. loy and the peopk which arefavedh all 3 1 aikin the light ofit. He is the i Father, Rev. 21. this the kmotterofus all. Ofthe Sonne it ils; isfayd, 1 Happy are all that fhroude in kI g426 him,forhe ás ofsr nhidingplacefro the wind, Pfal. 2,1 2. our refugefrom the tem e p . of gods wrath : l, 114.32.2. ofSion airO it is fayd, that n thePoore ofhis A' r fa. '4.32 peoplc(hallfhrowd in it; for there hath the o 0.4,5,6. Lord o createdaclowd by day, andf lamb P I yod. x3. fyre by night, -( as When p he brought his If rad out ofe./Egypt) and upon all theglorie, is a defence; there is afbadow in the dayfor the,heat, a refuge andflieiterfor the Ftorme, andfor the rayn. it is rertifit thercforc,that all