Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

q s cor. 3, 7, 9. r Ioh: s,46. fIohn L14. heb. 9,7,8>9 2I, I 2,6ec. t Gai.;, 24. verf'17, x Gest.3,rs. y Gen. 4,2 7.= CHAP. VII. And though Mofes gaue us alaw,which was the miniflerieof q death & condetn_ nation, by reafon offinne that dwelleth in us: yet euen he r wrote alto of Chtifl, and foréfhewed his crucifyingand fief frings for our finnes, in the f ferpent, fa- crifices, and manifold Cervices ; yea the Law it felfe was t our fchoolmaif<er to bringus toChrift,that we might be made righteous by fayth inhim , in refpea of whom the V covenant was many yeeres a- fore confirmedof God , and could not by the Law that cameafter be diCanul- led. r z. The hope of falvation for all mankinde, was in the x promifed feede: & as God by his word taught men more particularly fr6 whole loynes he fhould Ipring ; fo were they to exfped him, if they would haue life, andkeep commu- nion with filch as fhould be his Fathers after the flefh. When the woman Evalis fonnes were multiplied , and many of them proved wicked ; the, hope of the laving feede,was reflrayned unto Y Seth, fet inplace ofAbel , whom the Serpents fcede had murthered. Themwereall rd looke