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CHAP. VIL 7i underflanding in the fight and mouthes ofall peoples. Wherefore David pro- vokes them againe to prayfe the Lord, who had tfhewed his Word unto Iaa- Pfed. 147' kob,his ftatutes and his judgements unto 19'2°' Ifrael , and had not dealt fo with any na- tion. Paul likewife rnagnìfiethhis peo- ple greatly;becaufe m to themwere corn- in Rom.;,z. mitred the oracles of God;to them were n thecovenants & the givingof the law, n Rom.9,4. the fervice , and the promifes. And this grace was fu peculiar to Gods people , that theLaw is called by the Holieghof} o the inheritance of the congregation of. Jaa- o Deu.33,.4 . kob , as being their proper right , giuen them ofGod , as any other poi-LPion which they injoyed : the Sains agane taking his tcitimonies as P an heritage pPfal.I for ever , for theywere the Hoye of their I 1 r hearts. r . The drift and fcopeofall Gods oracles was to call and leade men unto Chrift, and by him to the kingdome of heauen, where we might glorifie God in our falvation and life eternall. Our Fa- thers fromAdam to Motes , were quic- kened & comforted with this promife. P 4 And