Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

76 CHAP.VI1. fpoken ofdid fee ; and they that had not heard, didunderfiand. is. When thus therewas one fheepfold made both of 'ewes & Gentils , & their pai. 1,9, eyes were opened to fee z the wonders of is. Gods law , and the glorious myfierie of mans redeinptiö revealed & publifhed a- mong al nations aby the fcriptures of the a Rom. i6, 2'522.6. prophets:theywhole harts God opened, received the word b withall readines, & bAti. i7,zo ferched the fcriptures dayly,taking heed c2Pet. z Y9 tó that moft c lure wordof the prophets as to a light fhining in a darke place till the day dawned, and the day ftarre arofe in their harts. And though for that word they found tribulation, as others-before ahem, for whom Chrifl complayned to ïoh.r7, 4 his father laying, dy hauegiuen them thy Word , and the worldbath hated them: yet e aim/. I, 6 received they that,wordein much affliCii- on, with joy of the holy Ghoft ; accep- Ity1Qr ting it not as the word ofmen f but of f epJ it. z,i6. God, and holding it forth as the g word hDinh I ,2I of life,which being graffed in them bwas able to faue their foules; 16. For filch is the grace and vertue 0,19,7,t ofGods word, that it i turneth the foule, ,rejoyçeth