Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. VII. 77 rejoyceth the hart, giveth light to the ,,eyes , wifedoine to the fmplc; worketh kRe k faith in Cod , 1 uckeneth them that n.>< i e f it I IOhri , . heave it; comforteth the SainEIs in m pal.11g, their troubles , and frengthneth thfm in 50,92. their tentations, being the n (word of the n Ephe.6, it Spirit , by help whereof they vanquifh their enemies and ® Satan himfelf, and ORero,i2,aa their own corruptions , and are p freed p Ioh. s,3I, thereby from the fervitude of finne. It 32934 is a foveraigne prefeiwatiue from all e- vils that might befall us; for as Salomon fayth, q it leadeth us when we walke, it qpro.6, watcheth for us when we fleepe; and when we wake, it talkethwith us. Alfo r Heb.4,I2, it is r líuely and 'nightie in operation , íharper then any two edged fword, en- tying through euen to the dividingafun- der of the foule and the spirit , of the joints and rnarow , and is a di%erner of the thoughts and intents of the heart; Sc Chrif hath ffan&ified and denied his i Ephe.ç,26 church by the waffling of water through this word , as alfo himfelfe fayd to his difcìples , t Nowareyecleave through the t Ioh, i , 3. fiordWhich IhaueJoken toyou. 17. And unto this churchhathhe fpe- cial ly