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il The Contents. CHAP. VII. Page 365 Of honouring fpiritual Fathers in the Church.' Thg extellencie and neceJty of their Calling. Four farts of Miniftcrs in the Church. i. The Thief. 2. The HirelenZ. 3.The Wolf. 4. Thegood Shepherd, whofe duties are, i. To bean Example tohisflock s. In himfel f. 2. In his Family. The Peoples duty anfwer eble to-this. 2. To :eft his talent for theirgood. Rulesfor poirine, and Converfation. The peoples duty. t. To know their own Shepherd. 2. To obey andfollow him. 3. Togive him double honour. i. Of Reverence. z. Of Maintenance. . CHAP. VIII. Page373 Of Fathers ofour Country, Magiflrates. The dutyof al towards their own Country. God theftrJt Ä4ogiflrate. MagiflracieGodsOrdinance. Power of life anddeathgiven to Kings by God, not by the People. Addition 3 r . That Regal Power is only fromGod, pro_ uedout of the Authors other Writings. The ends of Magiflrecie. r. To preferve true Religion. z. Tomaintain outwardpeace. Magiflrates compared to fhepherds in three re- fpeLls. The dutiesof the Supreme Power, viz. of Icings, and ofluferior Officers. The du- ties of Ssebjells to their Prince. CHAP. IX. Page383 Of Fathers by excellencieof gtifs. Thehonour doe to them , is not debitumjuflitiæ? as theformer, bat'debitum honeftatis. T. Of thofethat excel-ingifts of the minde. Thi honour due to them. i. To acknowledgetheir gifts. Not to envy or deny them. Nor to extenuate them. Nor toundervalue them : Nor to tax themwith want of other gifts. The dutyof the perfongifted. - 2. To prefer fuch before others, to chufe them for their gifts. Reafonsagainfi choice of ungiftedperlons. Thedutyof theperfon chofon, &c. 2. Ofex- cellencie of. the body byold age, and the honour due to theaged. 3. Of extellenciebyout- wardgifts, as riches, Nobility. &c. Reafons for honouringfuch. How they muff be ho.. noured. 4. Excellencieby benefits conferred. Benefa.`lors are Fathers. Rules for confer. ringof .Benefits. The duties of the Receiver. CHAP. X. Page 39t That this Lawis fpiritteal. Theduties of Superiors and Inferieurs muff proceedfrom theheart. Specialmeans conducing to the keepingof this Commandment. Signs ofthe true keeping of it. C H A P. X I. Page 396 The Pondpart of this Commandment, apromife of long life. Reafons why thispro- reifeis annexedto this Commandment. How this promife is madegood. Reafons why God fometimes fhortens the days of thegodly, andprolongs the days of the wicked. TheExpofition of the fixthCommandment. CHAP. I. Page 400 Why this Commandment is placed in this order. How it coheres with the refl. Ofun. jufl anger, the firfiflee to murther, how it differsfrom otherafellions. Of lawful anger. Vnlawful anger how prohibited. Thedegrees andfruitsof it. The affirmative part of the Precept, to preferve the life of another. The life of the body, and the degrees of it. The life of the Soul, and the fins againft it. The (cope of this Command- mene. CHAP.II. Page4o4 Of Mutther ingeneral. Theflaugbter of Beafls not prohibited, but in two cafes. of Wino a mans fell, divers reafons againfi it. Of killing another : many reafons to fhewthegreatnefs of this fin. The aggravations of this fin from the perfon murther- ed. CHAP. III. Page407 The reffraint of this Commandment. t. That Kings and Princesmay lawfully put malefallors to death. That herein they are Gods Miniflers. Three rules to be by them ob. ferved. Their judgment muß not be. c.Perverfum, nor 2. Ufuparum, nor 3. Te- merarium. 2. That in feme cafes they may lawfully makeWar. In a Lawful War is required. 1. Lawful Authority. z. Ajufl Caufe. 3. ell juil end.' And 4. A .right manner. Addition 3z. Of thecotofes of ajufl War. Some other cafes wherein a man may