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The Contents. maykill andnot break thisCommandment. Firft, for defence of his life again; fuddejt affaults. Inculpata tutela. Secondly, by chance, andwithout his intention. CHAP. IV. Page 4.12 The extent of this Commandment. Murther committed. r. Direüly. z. Indiretily. Amanmay be açiefory toanthers deathfix ways. Amanmay be àcceffory tohis own death divers ways. Ofpreferving life. C H A P. V. Page 414. Of the murther of the Soul. Several fins against the life ofthe foul. How a man may beacceforyto the death of his'roiii. This fin may be committed both by them that have chargeof fouls, and byprivate perlons, That this Law is fpiritual , according to the third Rile. . C H A P. V I. Page417 The fourth Rule of avoiding the Caufes of thefinshereforbidden. Ofunjufl anger, and thefruits of it. It con¡fls, t. Grief. 2. Defire of Revenger. The effeiásand fruits of it. r. Towards Superiours Envy. The caufesof envy : the greatnefs of thisfn. 2. Towards Equals. 3. Towards Inferiours. The fuppuration or breaking out of an- ger againfi Superioisrs. 1 By the eyes and face. By the tongue, 1. by murmuring, 2. tale bearing, 3. backbiting. Againfi Equals, by i. dnfention, 2. brawling, 3. railing. Thefruits of anger in Superiours. I. Threatning. z. Scornfulnefs. The laflfruit of anger, viz. murder of the hand. CHAP VI T. Page :4zr Of the means againfl anger. How to prevent it inothers. Howin our felves. Anger mull be, 1. ?aftin regard of the taufe. 2. Moderated, for the meafure. 3. We mull labour forgravity. 4. For love without hypocrifie. The values oppofite to unjuft anger. i. Innocencie. z. Charity. In theftrff, there is, a. The Antidote again.Fi anger, which conftfls in three things. 2. The remedy in threemore. How Charity prevents anger. The fruit of Charity, Beneficence. 1. To thedead, byburying them. z. To the living. And thatfirfl, generally toall. Secondly, fpecially to thefaithful. ,Thirdly, to the poor - byworks of mercy. Fourthly, to our enemies. CHAP. VIII. Page424 Ridesfor the eradication of unjufl anger. t. To keep the pafon from riling. 4. Rules. 2. After it is rifer, to fupprefs it. How tocarry our felves towards thofe that are an- gry within. 1. Togive place. 2. To lookup toGod. 3. To fee the Devil in it. Of the fecond thingin anger, viz.. Revenge, Reafons againfl it. If our anger have broken out. Rules whatwe muff do. Of theaú, viz. requiring one injury with another. Rules in going to Law. Thefixtb Ruleof cauftng others to keep this Commandment. TheExpoftio'n of the fevehthCommandment. CHAP. Í. Page 428 The fcopeand order of this Commmandment. Of Marriage. The Inflitution and ends of it, explicatedout of Genets z, 22, 23, 24. Married perlons are, i. to leave a/1others, 2. tocleave to oneanother. Rules for thole that are to marry. Dutiesof thofe that aremar: ried,general andfpecial. CHAP. I. Page433 The dependanceof this Commandment upon theformer. The ends,for which it wasgiven. The Objeilofthis Commandment, concupifceuce orluftof theflefh The feveral granchesand degreesof thefin hereforbidden.. Divers Reafonsagainfl the finof uncleannefs. CHAP. Iii. Page438 Of thedegrees of thisfin. I. Thefrflmoìions, or cogirationesafcendentes. z. Sup.. puratio, Thefefiering of it inwardly. 3. SubaC1umfolum, the fitting of the foil,tyhich is, r. By excefs. z. By idlenefs. Excefs is, I. By gluttony : the effeifs of it. Oppo- fiteto which is the vertue of temperance, which conflits in modo, inmeafure : which refpels, i. The neceffity of life. 2. Qf oxr Calling. 3. Ofpleafure anddelight: Where. 1hare five Rules. I. For the fubflance of our meat. 2. For the quantity. 3 For thequa.; lity. 4. Not to eat toogreedily. 5. Not too often. z. Of excefs in drinking ; in what ca- fes wine is allowed, d 2 CHAP;