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The Contents. C H A P. I V. page 44z Of Idlenefs: Thefecond thing whichfits thefay! for this fin. Divers reafons orojnp it. It conlifts in twothines. r. Too muchBleep. 2. Want of exercife whenwe areawake. Againfl fleepinefs. r. Rules for I. the quantity. 2. The manner. Of Idlenefs in cur callings. The remedyagainfiJleepand idlenefs. C H A P. V. page444 The fourth degree. Irrigatio foil, thewatering of the food by incentives and allure- ments to this fin, which are either. I. In or about our felves, or 2. In others. Of thefirft fort are, r. Painting. Strange wanton apparel. 3. Lafciviousgeflures. Ofthe fecond fort are, t. LewdCompany, andobfcene Books. 2. Obfcene Pirares, and wanton dancings. Of Modefiy, the Virtue oppofite. C H A P. V I. Page 446 The fifth degree, the breaking out of this fin. r. By the eye. Secondly in thefpeech. Thirdlyby the fymptemesforegoing the aá. The Yirtae oppofite is, fhamefac'dnefs. Of the outward gas of uncleannefs. o. Self-pollution, or notturna pollutio, whether al- wayesafin. z. Beaifiality. 3. Sodomie. 4. Whordome, fcortatio. 5. Poligamy, whether lawful. How this fin of Vncleannefs may be committed in Matrimony, forne rules about Marriage. Howout of Matrimony. I. With one Allied, which is Ince}f. 2. With a granger to as, but married to another, which is Adultery, Many aggravations of this fin. ; . With filch as are not married, as r. By keepinga Concubine. z. Bydefiou- ring. 3. By Fornication andwandring1u{í. 4, By Proftitation. The highefi pitch of this fin, is to defendit. C HAP. VII. Page 453 The remedies of thisfin. I. Chaffity of a (Ingle life. 2. Matrimonial Chaflsty. The means topreferne us from thisfin. Of drawing others to keep thisCommandment. TheExpofitionof the eighth Commandment. CHAP. I. Page458 The coherence, anddependanceof thisCommandment, upon theformer. The objet of it the defire of Riches. Thefeope of theLawgiver, in refpelt of r. Himfelf. 2. The Church. 3. TheCommon. wealth. 4. Privateperfons. Of right and Propriety. Howmeum & tuum came in. Of rightbyfirffoccupancy, andprefcription. Reafons for Propriety. OfPropriety, jure belli, four thingsincludedin Propriety. C H A P. II. Page46z Of Alienation, and the feveral forts of it. Offree Alienation. Aiiberai, by contraás, whichare of threeforts. I. Do ut des. z. Do ut lacias. 3. Facio ut des. Of contraás by fipulation, promife, writings. Real contraas, by caution, pledge, &c. Perfonal, by Sureties, Hoftages, &c. C H A P. III. Page 463 Of thedefre of Riches. For regulating whereof we mutt confider, I. The order, in re- fpelof, I. Theend. 2. The meant. z. Themeafure of our appetite, which muff begui- ded byfour rules. Of thefuppuration ofthis fin, by oa,4nwa love of money, the branches sf it. Of fubalIum fo/um, thefoilfitted. Ilìerus thejaundice of it. I. In the eye. The foamingat themonth. The asof theft hereforbiden committed. I. ingetting. z. In the life of Riches. C H A P. I V. Page 465 Of unjußgettong in general, The kindsof unfurl getting. I. By Rapine andViolence. z. By fraud. The firß is either under pretence of Authority, or without any pretence. The former is, I. Fora mans own benefit. Intimes of War, or in times of peace : and this iseither by power or Authority, or by pretence of Law. z. For his Neighbours detri ment. Vnjußgettingwithout any pretenceof Authority or Law, is either Piracieby Sea, or RobberybyLand. The affirmative parr. I. That everyone have a law,!ial calling. z. That he labourin it.