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The Contents: CHAP. V. Page 424 Theficond way oftenjnft gating, viz byfraud, or clot theft. The lawful *ayesof ac- quiring. r. Bygift. 2. By inheritance. 3. By induflry, whereinare to bevalued, i. Labour. 2. Hazzard. 3. Charges. Ofright, by dammage. Of Money, the meafure of contrails. Ciofe theft is, I. In contrails. 2. Out of Contra s.. In conirails is, i . Byfelling that which cannot befold, as, thegifu of the Spirit, things annexed to fpiritual offices, things confe- cratedto God, benefits, as bane of money, &c. z. When there is nota proportion between laborem and præmium. 3. About buying andfelling, in refpellof i. The meafure. 2, The commodity. 3. The price. C H A P. V I. Page 47 Of Theft out of contralts. This is I. In thefamily, by t. Purloyning. Z. Miffpending, 3. Idlenefs. 4. Withdrawing ones felf fromfervice. 2. Without thefamily, is, i. Of things confecrated : by Sacriledge. 2. Of things common, andchafeeither ¡niblickor private. Of theft perfonal and real. The aggravation of theft in regard of the poor, &c. Againfi onto- ling Of Commons The conclufion, about unlawful getting. C H A P. V 1 I. page 473 Of the Virtuesoppofite. I. ?aftgetting. z. Refutation, commanded both in theLawand Gofpel. That we muß makerefutation, not only ofwhat is unlawfullyPot, but ofTome things lafully got. Ar I.Of what belongs to another bygift. 2. Of things depofited. 3. Of things found. 4. Of things lent. 5. Ofwhat willprejudice the publick, if it be detained for our privatebenefit. C H A P. VIII. page 477 Ofthe fecondgeneral, viz. unjuft keeping. The right ufe of Riches is, I. In refpell of a mans Pelf : thefins oppofste, I Parfimony. z. Prodigality; two degrees ofit, I. iTofpend un- reafonably. z. Above ones means. 2. In refpefa of others, viz. the poor, where weare to know two things : 1. How we holdour Riches, or bywhat tenter : 2. What we are to conceive of the poor. A threefoldneceffity. I. Ofnature. 2. Ofour perfon. 3. Ofour efiate andcondition. Several motives tocommunicate to thepoor. C H A P. I X. Page 485 That this Commandmentis Spiritual. OfCovetoufnef : divers rearms againftit. The means to keep this Commandment. t. Contentation. 2. TowalkinOar waits, whichthat we may do, I. Wemull have a lawful calling. z. We muff be perfwaded that Riches are Gods gift. 3. We muft live according to our means. 4. Obferve the Rules forgetting and uftrig of Riches. C H A P. X. page488 Rules to beobferved, o .; In juftgetting. r. By Donation. 2. By htduftrj. 3. By Contrails, wherein mull be contdered. I. Theneedwe have ofthe thing fold. 2. The ufe. Three de- grees of ajugprice. 1. Pium. z. Moderatum. 3. Rigidum. 2. In juft ufrng, Whereinare Rules, 1. Concerning ourfelves. r. For prefervingour Oats. 2. For laying it out. Z. Con- cerning others, giving r. to God, from whom we receive all. z. to the poor. Rulesfor the meafare and manner of giving. Motives to hairur up togive to the poor. Ofprocuring the keepingofthis Commandment byothers. The Expofition of the ninth Commandment. CHAP. I. Page 293 The wordsexpounded. What is meant by (Non refpondebis) in the Original. Addition 34. aboutthe meaningofthe word 1)y refpondcre. What is Meant by (witnefs) Four witne(fes. r. God. 2. The Confcience. 3. Alen and Angels. 4. The Creatures. What is meant by (false) what by ( contra again(?) what by (Proximum, Neighbour.) The. coherence and dependance ofthis Commandment. The (copeandufe of it. I. In refpe& of God. 2. Of the Church. 3. Of the Common-wealth. 4.Of privateperfons. C HAP. I I. Page498 The neceffityof agood name. Thefin forbidden ingeneral. Wherein, t. The root ofit 2. The fuppuration, or ranklingof it inwardly, byfalfefurmifes andfufpitions. 3. Thefit- ting of thefoil, by readinefs tobearfall reports. 4. The Watering of thefoil, by burying our (elves in other mens affairs. CHAP,