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The Contents. C H A P. 1II. Page 501 ..he outwardall, ofwhich two branches. 1. Palle words. 2. Idle and vain words. Of falfe fpeakdng ingeneral; this is two fold. I. In judgment. z. Out ofjudgment. In judg- ment byfalle witnefs, Of !yes ingeneral. Six perfi o in every judgment, whomay begull. tycf?al!ewirneffing. I.The 7ndge. o. By cherifhongLaw faits. z. By deferring inflict. 3. If his judgment be i. Ofurped, z. Rath. 3. Perverfe. 2. The Regsjier by making fall Rao- clr. 3. The Accufer. s . By accufngfal fely. z. Opon uncertain grounds. 3. By pre- varicating. 4. The Defendant. i. By not confeffing the truth. z. Appealing without caufe. 3. By nor fubmitting to the Sentence. 5. The VVitnefs. 1. By not declaring all the truth, when he is lawfully called. 2. By not delivering the innocent, thoughhe be not called. 3. By delivering the wicked by faife teffimony. 6. The Advocate. 1. By undertaking anevilcaufe z. Byperverting the Law. Of giving falle tellimony in Elellions. C H A P. I V. Page 5c7. Offalfëwitne[ng out ofjudgement. Four things towhich the tongue maydo harm. The branches of this kindoffalfe witneffing. 1. Contumelious (peaking. 2. Taunting. 3. Bach- biting; which is, t. By words. 2, By letters. 3.'By deeds. 4.Inall theft may bea falfe witnefs, though he fpeakthe truth. CHAP. V. page 509 Of reproof orfraternalcorreption, thevirtue gpppofite toflattery. Offlattery, which is, t. In things uncertain. z. In things certain, and thole either good or evil. Ofboaffing and vaunting a mansPelf, and its extream. CHAP. V I. page 512 Ofarafslye, anofficious lye, a merry lyi. Four cafeswherein a manfeemstofpeakcontra- ry to the truth, but dots not. Of Mendacium Facti, the real lye, *illation. CHAP. VII. Page 5r4- Thefecond general branchof thefin forbidden, viz. Vain fpeech. Three ends of rpeech. 7. Edification. 2. Profit. 3. Graceand delight. Of the means whereby this Command- ment maybe kept, Of fufpition. Rules about it. s. For the manner. The Expofitionof the tenth Commandment. CHAP. I. Page522 Reafonsagain'? thedividing of this Commandment into two. The dependanceof it. The fcope and endof it. C H A P. I I. page 523 The thing prohibited Concupifcencewhich is twofold : I. Arifingfromourfelves. 2. From the Spirit ofGod. The frf is either, s. From Nature, or z. FromCorruptionof Nature. Corrupdefires oftwoforts. 1. Vain andfoolith. z. Flurtful or not Tome. The danger ofbeing givenup to a mans own luf?s. C H A P. III. page 525 How a mancomes to be given up to hisowndefines. Thoughtsof twoforts. s. Aft-ending from our own hearts. 2. Inlet-fed by the Devil. The manner how we cime tobe infeltede Six degrees in fin. 1. The receivingofthe feed, z. The retaining of it. 3. Theconception. 4. Theformingof theparts. 5. The quickning. 6. The travelor birth, CHAP. IV. Page 52R Thewages whereby aman is temptedof his own lu/?..1. There is abait. 2. Ahook_ The famewages ufedby the Devil andthe world. The affirmative part of this precept. Renew. ing the heart andmind. TheneoefTty of this Renovation, Themeansof Renovation, A Table