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Semi. I j andexaalyconfcientious ? 5 trouble them, they cannot fin in quiet t. Thofe that are without or Re- uod c i in fill the Sun-fhii e of Scripture, yet they cannot blow ouc Gods Can - corporc lroc poi dla u of Confcience. By Divine'revel1tion I mean both the (landing rule modem imopor- of Scripture t, and Gods extraordinary x difcoveries of himfelf, whe- tuna cogititio:ie Cher by dreams or vifions, or Prophecies, or other Spiritual comrnunica- verfo in mute : tíons ; all which though ( if they be fromGod ) they are according to & multories Scripture Y ; yet the former are afforded upon particular / Providences, grwirez rorquc or in recoïdati- and the Taft are the univerfal priailedges of particular favourite a : But ore gramprim it is the, office of Confcience to apply all there, and that it doth by the canriis faeram difcourfeof a pra tiial Syllogifrrie b e.g. operis perpetra Nrhofoeverbelievethc, (i.e. accepteth of Chrifl as Lord d,and Savi- trone,ù ottr )fhallbefaved, but (may the gracious perfon fay) I accept ofChrft QIo7 ß`'c'3 0 ae Lordand Saviour °. Therefore!hall I beloved. aProv.zo.z7. Or thus. Whofoever is unfeignedlywilling to have his aElions brought to the t Ifa.8..o. Scripture touch one tobe tried, whether they be right for thematter, and x Nu.iz. 6,7,S, to the Scripture Ballane to be weighed whether they are weight for the Heb..r. mariner, his deeds are wrought in God, i.e. he is in a (late of Grace, heZ ¿ ao.c4 meth by the gracious affì(lance of theSpirit of God e i Kin.i 3.20,2, i But (may the trembling foul fay) 1 delrenothingmore than to bring Nu.zq..per tat. my reif and 411myaaions to 4 Scripture trialá. a z Cor.i z.. Therefore (he may conclude )1am in aftate of Grace h,&c. 234 Once more. ho oever comraitteth in i. e. makes a trade of Sin u o b .1.1s clay. f f ( ) fRc 1. t.c.3. the Devil( i.e. is the Childof the Devil.) p4. Bot ( may every unregenerate Perlon fay k) 1 make a trade of fin, c joli.3.39. i.e. when I am a finning I am in my Element, I am where I would d t Cor.i2.2. be, there is dowork fo ple tfng to me. e 11°11.10.2, 8: Therefore I am theChild of the Devil'', i.e. I ant in a flare of Dam- fPfa1 i z o,: i . 39, nation. 23,7_4. In the (majoror) firfl propofition, you have the diEtate "' of Conlci- t? Pia'- 6.t,2. ence. In the ( minor or ) fecondpropofitiorì you have the Te,flimany a i Ron36 . of Confcience,and in the Conclufon,you have the judgement of Conici-1 Ropn.6.r 6. ence o : In the firfl the power of Confcience is verygreat, fo great that mYa!ritu:zlis it can do any thing but make evil good P, for it can make an iv. cog,ritiomenti different atión good or evil 9 : and it can make agood a6lion evil r: imprtf"s,varie trrerefore in things nece ar- it do:h fo bind, that no humane Laws ab y,.l y nrancrrpatrvr,.ut confcientia, confcienti.e e1áííamen, tex natra,alis, fcisrtilla rationis 1 i &c. g$ius in z.i:Sent.di ftint1,39.§.2.p,4z7. n Canfrientia re47c614 propoftionis,- dicitrcr l!amcn 6 lex; ref)etiu offamptioaio. 6-, e conclufelis,teflí6 ; fedrefrefln af'umptionis aptrfriè zocatur index vet libel' ; ey re.ieÉtd co.iclnfioeis maximeproprie pcdex. Amef.decoiifcien. 1. t.c.t.p.3.§.9. o Proneritiosrein diel it curnipnJrr, a(i'iemptio. per appropriationemvocatur 0uvednoù. of ipf rtgicis, ibidem .:o, p Ibidem Mcf.s' Conf. p44§ i S. q r Martinius de verb, confc, can