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6 1, Hew may we be taker[ally Stand. fAts 4.19. Can loofen, (and thereupon we are faid ro be down-right debtors', en- Yix credideïim aagedfervants u, fpiritually bound t, lovingly conftratnedx, gracioufly Rpudlee fuif e neceftoted Y, Yea, in a word, we can do no other ( unlefs we will offer stapleconum violence to ourConfciences ) then do what God chargeth upon us as cum bhec of fctt- ret.foui m con- duty x. Thus far the ditlate of Confcience. In theYeflirnony of Confci- fcietti,e dixit ence,Confcience examines, lifts, and tries our aeiions,this in Scripture ere longè mato- is called a returning into a mans own heart a, a think!'mg ofour woes b, rempartem c.a- a ea sic to our heart a lain things to heart d, a fetttng our heart .ium.Chahll. .ÏP g_ y g Panít. Tz.l.I I. upon a butanefs °, an examination and trial of our felves f ; and thence c.9.p.2o f.§ 2.3. the conclution is inferred from the premiffes according to our appre- t Rotn.I.14 herfion of the rule and account of our aO}ions. Yet this is worthy of u Rom.6.16. [Pedal obfervation, that though both the premiffes be undeniably true, t ACor S.Ì4. yet there's nothing moreordinary,then for nor only wickec 6,but graci y I Cor.9.16. ous per(ons ( though upon different grounds ) to deny the conclufion : ?,A&s 4.20. and the truth is, without the Spirits affi{lance by way of corvit1iim to R I King. 8.47. the wicked, and reliefto the godly, neither of themwill prove any bet- erreverffuerrnt ter Logicians, than (lilt to deny the c®nclufion. GraceleCs perfons ad cor Pam ex . heb. b PCri 9.5 9 they will notconclude againfl thetn(elves : For, 1. They will not weigh C Hof.7.2. the cogency of any Scriptural b argument. 2. They have fuckt in other ct Jer.I t.I T. felf flattering conclufions ': and 3. they are willing to puc a cheat up- 2 "244, t=w on themfelves k, fo thefe will not conclude againfl themfelves.And on po tens Toper co'. the Other hand,gracious perlons dare not conclude themfelves fo har- e Haa ii. . there 5 Py as the Scripture reprefents them. i . Through the prevalency of lI>>o Temptations', Satan frights Them from their comforts. 2. Through the 371) pza.34 abounding of graceM,they think'tis too good tobe true, efpecially con- Ent »1 Tidering 3. their fenfe of unworthìnef n, what !! they. pafs a fencence polite for Vc_ of abfolution upon their fouls ! of approbation upon their ad}ions ! "hum filer'tias No, they dare not : throrgh over-modefly they'l bely the very fpirit °}as. of grace. In (born, the only remedy I {hall commend to both forts is f 2 Cor.13. s this, viz Beg of Gad to perfwade thy heart to dole with convincing there's both 17ci çi o-rs(q a truth, q.d. make asariet a fcrutiny into your ownhearts,as the De vil will do when he tempts you)&dbsupAC'ro (be as loath to be miftaken in your graces,as a üfurer in his coyn ) gRom.s.t 8,1.1,2.1. b Joh.3.zo. i Deut.29.19. k Jam.I . tI. 77uEgro,1(súku f lfa inza aentattotre tctt & fubdola fuppatatione fallere,as r . thofe in Mat.. 2.,21,13. loc. Rev. Devil accufeth them to thcmfelves,as as unto God day and night. m Pfal. i z 6.1. n Luke 7.6,9. Lord thouhaft toldme in thy word, that if 1 come untoChrift, Ifhall in o Toh.6.; 7. KO wife be call ° out : and if 1 love God, 1 may thereby be faire that p 1 Joh.4.19. God loves me P. df Jet-. 3.2.1. But Lord, fofar as 1 amable byfearchirg to knowmy own heart, .1de- r joh.1.11. fi, e s;othing more than to come `t to Chrtfl, to receive Chrifi r, to be one