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Serm.I . andexaaly.confcientious ? 7 one with f Chrifl, to be conformable to (krill r: AndLord 1dare fay f, with Peter, thou that k owefl alithings, knoweflthat 1 love thee ; u ft u Heb.z.tI. Joh.t.r7. prizing thee above all things ira the world -, if refilefl longing a for t Pfa1.73.z5. further acquaintance, and more terrvard Y communion ; if pancings af- x Pfal.r r 9.zo. ter the feerets ofthy z prefence, and fear of nothing more than to offend y Pfal. r o 6.4. thee a, be infallible evidences of fincere love, then I dare appealunto Pfal., 5.14. aPfa.ia9.tzo thee, that 1 love thee. Therefore Lord perfwademy fop rl- thankef lly to acknowledge that 'tù in a fare condition. On the contrary, Thus, Lord thou haft told me, that if1 live after the flefh 1 fl all b die. b Rom.3. i;. But my heart and life undeniably evidence that I mind nothing but car- Job 146 4 reality : Therefore Lord convince me that there's but aflep c,but a d breathbetween e Bea. deco ,fc. me and everlafling death. p.I I 07 71; ere Chrifiians do but Puffer and help your Confcience do But h I fice, and then /hallyewhave reoyciig in yourPelves alone, and not to in its a onof 3 Po_ muff fay wit}i they i.e. you will find caufe of re o ycing in the te(timon of your own utv' z i'ffuin Y J a Y Y utvole expli- Cotafcience, and not in others thinking you to be better than you are, carepod [ed., nor in your thinking your fetves to be better thanothers.Thus you have tia : tar:r ;a the offices of Confcience. I come in the 110 place to fpeak of quid rsoliar dig 4. The kinds of Confcience I know arecommonly reduced to thefe eerc,peto ¡It no; expcatie four, viz. Goodand quiet ; Goodand troubled. Evil and quiet ; Evil and bis refs firg.r- troubled. But intending the refolution of the Cafe before one in fpeak- cigimeî pee ing to Confcience under the fevcral binds of it ; I (hall fpeak ro eight Ilu rntctk atis kinds of Confciences.The two firl{,viz.the fleepy and the feared Confci- °`I` def`'circ ence are peculiar to the wort} of men. The four next, viz,. the errin? nama facilirr a' tn; bi vidcsc in doubting, fcrupxlous and trembling Confciences are al moll indifferent to alterites clrffii good and bad ; only the two former have a greater bi.0 to bad : and the tione quod eon two latter have a greater tendency co Good : but the two laft kinds, v;z,., p ;obem, qua;rr The Good and fIIneft, and the Good and quiet Confciences are peculiar df`geaoex. -e toGods choice} favourites. In treating of there, I (hall endeavour to ulúa c.u.T.i acquaint youwith the nature of each s,taow to cure the evil,and how to 1.2,.de obtain thegood, and hereby the Application will beentwified with the 2,p.671. Explication throughout my difcourfe. I.Tiae fir0 and one of the warfi kinds ofConfciences in the world is r The fleepy. the fleepy Confcience, Inch is the Confcience of every unconverted Cunf "once. perfon ( that is not yet render horreur) their h fpirit, i.e. their Confcience is aíleep ; that as bodily Veep bindeth up all the fenfes and animal fpi- b Rom!' I .c. tits, fo this fpiritual (or rat her unfpiritual) fleepinefs bindeth up the _Q-. f`"b x'474. p vuY .gogoitt9padoas,quafiTaty.4a xaTaViVVYctiyay. Camerariusinm c, foul)