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Senn. 8. Carnal Relations. fayings in her heart: This is drawing the Bow, as it may feem to the fupertour, many times at an adventure ; yet may thine Arrow hap to pierce even within the joynts of the harpers. Parables are feigned ex- amples , and are [ guasx enlywyn ] near a kin to induaions. Such was the great wifdom of e/Efop and Stefichortss in their dayes, as the c.o. Philofopher notes. Stich was the Parable of Yotham to the men 'of She- Jul 94,84c. . .,them. Thus Nathan dealt with David, and our bl.ffed Lord himfelf after this manner many times handled the High-Prietis and Rulers of the people ; he reproved them foaaetimes in dark fenrences, and chofen Parables. But if fuperiours be over-morofe, and exceeding fa- gacious, and higkly magifieriai, then a difapproving filence, a dif-re- z Thèf.;.a4. Idling look, as fpeedy adeparture out of their prefence as may i}and with the necefrary detentions of thy duty [ mw m, tiFop`xoaxc Epielet.c.r,Ç. oz +w"v,ozu tft;A°- )1" AZEOVHP noyi a holy blush for them that are fhamelefs in fin , may do greater things then thou arc aware of. 2. Manage all your difcourfes with reverent expreffions and corn- pellations. If it be a great part of common humanity [ Se ;.Sf.6e1v e Diog.taert. üt XaetSt<eir] to falurecourteoufly thofe that we meet : what dexte- rous aff'bility , and moll fweet lowly demeanour fhould we exert and put forth to thofe above us ? Fasal in his conference with Porcius Fe- fius falunes himwithgreat refpe6t. Mot? Noble Felix! , I (peak t he s Z words of truth and fobernefs. Grace expells not the due dillanceof Nature. Rebakenat an Elder, fayes the Apolile, bat intreat him as a Father, that he may fee thou defreft and longell, that he may be S° begotten to God. Mark howNaamans fervants treated their M. fler, with what fubmitlive reverence did they befpeak him in rh t matter of his wafhing in Jordan. My Father, If the Prophet had bid thee Z Kings 5. do fome great thing, wouldell thou not have done it, 6-c .? Abraham hearkened youknow to the voice of his wife,at th;, commandof God, in the cafe of Hagar, and the íririt of God cakes notice of the tern- (î per of Sarah, and commends her for ir, that fhe caned ha- husband , pec.3 6 Lord. And that I may give an inl +ante in all three relations, if we confulc the circumf+ances of the Text, we (hall finde it probable, that rerahthe Father,hearkened toAbraham his Snn,as to his departure out Yet; ii. 31: of an IdolatrousCountry. For the voice of God came to Abraham a- lone, bidding him to go out of Zr'r of the Chaldees , to a land cha t he I °i1ì.l4.I would (hew him. Nebaachadnezz,ar,that great and mighty Monarch,<id notreje& chit pious and favoury counfel which was given him by Da- niel his captive-fervant within his Palace. yah likewife a man of great az. _ . A a 2 poffelfion I"79