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Ço TheCovverfiox of oar Serm g Job3i.13. Senec. de Bex.e fic.l.3.c.35. Ma.r.Tÿr. dif fert.lo. Esl.H!- iief: 1607. Roma .11, Phil. 1. s. Simplicius ix EpiEtet.e.3 8,. p.a 1 7.01.Sa1n, Ari f t.Ethic.1. ñffax,Ty'r.cáf. 11;),. poflèllions in the Eaft , did not defpi[e the exile of his Alan-ferver to or Maid fervant, when they contended with him. Humble, modeff, and reverent behaviour may have nurahle influence into Superiours. Ir is controverted by sey,eca, whether or no a chilc;e may not heapgreater beneirs upon a F. th..r, thin he had received from him. It may be clearly Rated in the Affirmative; if he (hould be a means of turning him unto God. The Father Legers his Son to a miferable and mortal life : the on beg is his Father to that life which is Glorious and E- ternal. There remain yet four general diredfions refpeaing all Relations. r. In(inuate thy felt into their affections. Let them know,that thou haft no defïgnupon them , but to make them happy. Indeavottr to períwade therm char thou haft no privare end , onely their everI::fting good. Winde into their hearts, fcrew thy felt into their affections and thou h done half thy work. [ ó cri' flews ¡API' s r'á: " Jíe Nothing Co inimical co love zs fear and necefficy. When all jealoufies of any fini(fer ends are blown away, then exhor- tations and counfels go down comfortably. When perfons are con- vinced and farisfied that in all our Applications we (tudy their bene- fit and profir,this opens aneffec%ual door to all the means that we fhall ufe. Thus the Apoffle accofls the Remans, Iloxg to fee yon , that I may impart unto yon fame spiritualgift. Thus he facilitates his way to the Philippianr. God is my record, howgreatly I long afteryou all in the bowels of Jefus Chri(f Hs Tó dbzssr authPielr 7rce1.01,7CC$ ilt.C4K4 77 V o 3e r 7vtí;t.4,av we do even naturally refpea and re- verence fuck as bring that which appears profitable to us ; elpecially when Superiours catty rhemfelves with courteoufnefs and kindnefs.For molt men delight to be honoured and e(feemed by them chit are above them [ did. Tbrs>b for the hope that they conceive of fome fpecial profit to be received from them. Thecafevaries not in fpirirual mat- ters. Labour then to gain their love, their good e(+eem, and the work will thrive beyond expe iacion. 2. Study ro convince them by rational Arguments [ ñ we,9G;' ;It `pG,TO- A0yg1 perfwafion is the daughter of love and reafon. Our affections indeed mot+ times are firfi wrought upon, we are fo fenfual by nature. When thou arc once gotten into their hearts, then prefs them with weightyArguments drawn out of Scripture; argue with them about the folly of fini See how 7é6 handles the matter with his wife about murmuring and impatience againfi God. What ? fhall we re- ceive goodat thehoned of God, andnot evil; Let them know that allthe wayes