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Serin. S. Carsnal Relatlont. 181 wayes of God are pleafant wayes,and all has paths are peace. That the Prov.3.,7. path w heaven is a molt fweet path to walk ir.. Shew them thebeauty of Chrif}, the glory of Chrisi, draw alide the curtain, and unvail the mytieries of free-grace before their Eyes. Let them behold the image of that bleffed Saviour pourcrayed in Scripture. As the fpoufe did to the Daughters of 7erasfalem, run over all the Excellencies of Chri!}, and then conclude, 11e is altogether lovely. This is my Beloved, and Cant.5.16, eh:s is my Friend, ODaughters of 7erufalem Tell them what expe- rience you had of the blindnefs,nakednefs, miferablenefs of your own condition formerly, when you were as they are now ; that you then thought of Religion, as they do ; that it was but a peevish, foolifh,un- neceiary ftrinefs. Tell them how the cafe is mended with ycu, how admirably through mercy 'Lis altered. 3. L:r your converfation be very exemplary ; fo that what you per - fwade,may be firongly confirmed by your own example. Both vice and vertue are learned by Prefïdents. efllexander in his manners and gare did imitatehis Mailer Leonides, as long as he lived. [ in to Hiere t. ad i. . inpatre fssavideat, quad f fecerit peccet. ] Let thy thirds behold no p .56,57. thing in thy walking, which, if followed, may prove finful. Be an ex- ample to others ofholinefs, that they may not offend by the authori- aid. P.1cr. ty of thy Name. Though thy precepts be (hors and concife, let thine ations, exemplifying thofe precepts, be conitant and perpetual. De- Max.Tyr. rdcß. ny your felves fometimes in the injoyment of Lawful things, which 35 may not be expedient before Carnal Rchti ns, when you are upon this work Let wives, (ayes the Apolile Peter, rain their husbands by I Pet. 3. their holy converfation. Walk fo meekly, fo obediently, fo winningly by an amiable deportment, that a wicked drunken husband may fee the piaureof grace in the life of awife, and may be forced to confefs, that graceof a truth dwelleth in her. Many times the unbelieving i Cor.7.a6... husbandmay be faved, even in this fenfe by the believing wife, & vice verfá. David profeli that he Mould wa1kin his hoxfe with a perfeft heart. rfalm log, 3.: As the water follows the finger in the clay : fo may thy examplelead Them on to the things of God. There is a fecret reverence and awe upon the hearts of others, when any in the family do walk worthy of the Gofpel unto all well pleafing. Fourthly and hilly, After thou haft uCed all rhefe fore-mentioned dire&ions ( which Ive couched in the bowels of thefe words in the Text [ my hearts deli? a it , that Ifrael may he faved] For if he did heartily defire their good , as he profeft, then he would ufe all good means proper and proportionable to that end. But then he adds, iii