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4111111 182 The Converten of ear Serm. 8. his prayer to God for the lame purpoáe, and io mutt thou ) follow the example of our holy Apoflle; Ala;,all thy inftrudtions without prayer will do nogood. GotoGod to fandtifie all, and to perfwade their fouls that you have a molt Tingle and Gncere aim at their everlatling falvation. Pray apart for them, and if he condition of thy Relations will admit, pray with them, and therein couch Come fili.e2et reflections upon their fouls. Elijah when he was in prayer with company, crfeS Kings 13.3 7. out, O Lord hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God. Our bleffed Lord alto in that heavenly prayer co the Father, John 17. zo. makes moll fweer and ardent mention of his Dlfciples who were pre- job 15.1. fentwich him.. 7Q6, he facrificed for his children, he fens for them, and fandtified them, and offered burnt offerings according to the number ofthem all; To teach us co pray for children diftindtly one by one.A- Gen.i7.t8, braham he begs of God, Oh that 1fhrairel may live in thy fight, and Prov.31.2,. Bath(hebah íhe calls Solomon the Son of her Vows. Asrgin was the childe of Monica's prayers and tears. Ask counlel of God as Ma- J 4g.,3.á. noah did, that he would be pleated to teach you what you mull do w th your children. Beg of God wifdome and diredlion, that he would or- der providential Ceafons for their good ; let that be your great reque(I in fecret ; Oh that fuch a childe,fuch a fervant,might be pulí'd as a fire- Jude 2.3. brand out of the fire, and brought home to God. Should you have the wifdom of Angels , if God do nor come in to your help , all your labour will be in vain. Cry out with thepoor man in the Gofpes. Lord Mat. 17,15. havemercy an my Son, for he is fore vexed ; for oft times he falleth in- to the fire, and oft into the water,fo:netimes into one fin, fometimcs into another, whereby his foul incurs fearful and terribie dancers. Commend thy childe to God, whom thou hail begotten co deathand damnation, unlefs wonderful mercy interpole it lelf. Sprinkle him with the holy waters of melting rears, beg of God that he may be de- livered from the wrath to come by his Almighty Arm. Petition ear- nefily for the pardon of thole fins , for the rooting out that fpirirual wickednefs, which thou hail been the means to propagare. Pray is our, fall it out, weep it out before God. Such Devils go not out without falling and prayer. Now I (hall make force brief Application of the whole, and fo con- clude. i. In the firfl place, hence we learn theditTufive nature of ho- 2. Kings 4.3. linefs ; it is like the widows osl, that filled all the veffels of her neigh- bours. He that is holy, is asetais, like unto God himself for communi- cativeness, as well as for purity in his fmall degree and meafure ; The language