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30 Nov noay Webeusiverfdp Se . could notin forceEgyptians account be more cruellypunìfhed, thanby beingcompelled to behold the murthered body for three daies, what a torment will it be to be forced co beholdevery fsn,with every aggravate_ on unto eternity ? here in bodily ficknefs there's force intervalls tore- vive the Spirits; but hereafter there will not be a moment; incermif ion ofunexprcffible horrour unto eternicy.The ConfcienceThall roar under infinite wrath, and the fanner dull be kept from annihilation under it byinfinite power. 1 i Cor.i 5.34. Thus I have in a weak manner performed my promìfe in fpeaking to m Hcb.3.13. feveral kxçls of Confciences, with remedies and males ; which laid toge- n lPh4I $. cher, will I think amount to fuf}îcient inflru&ions, Howwe may be uni- ° B`°`11'14.5. verfally and exaRly confsienciosu ? argy viz, i. Get your Confciences awakened P If335.354. from their natural Leth g rfa.4o.I I. z. Preferve them tender from acquired r job i s.r 5, fearedxefm. 3. Re6 ifie their errours as you would get cureof blind- f Zeph.a.a. nef; n. 4. Refolve their doubts as you would a claim to your lands o. t 1 ck.1I . S. S. Break from your fcruples as from thieves on the road P. 6. Lay your u Lam.3.3 . head in Chrifts bofome to cure your trembling 9. And then for the(7.)in. t Pfa.I to ru and (8.)quiet of your Confciences. Obfervethe rules propofed, x I Cur.]o.31. y, ( )% } y Job 4o.:. as pun&ually as you wouldPhyfitians bills in a tedious ficknefs.i.Avoid ti lrph3$ finningas you would a train of gun-powder r. i.Be as quick in your re- a Gal.a.zo. pentaxce as In the cureofa PIeurifie 61 fal.i 8.I,a. 3 Live under the apprehended c Td nv u''ç' 7 prefexce of the jealous God t. 4. Examineyour hearts,as Princes lift out cvTau9' a.My_ creafonu. s. Pray for futable grace, as flawing perlons cry for food f. xairev ñ y (s,ua- 6. Let every a&ion be as an arrow fhot at a mark =. 7. Think of God as vO ses ssnsn- of a wife Phyfitian 7. 8. Be as vile in your owl, efteern as you are in the eyes of a captious enemy z.9.Live uporChrifl,as the child in the womb T7 lives u non the Mother a. I O. Love God (as near as poílìbly you can) as :ntnory res yrciTte,s, God loves 1 you b. 70 c r, á»à But if thefe rules,t hough thus contraíled,be coo many,and coo long to Tó wcñrq be always remembred,that you maynot be overcharged with that which m6 +,T'aúv - fhould never be forgotten : I (hall commend to you fame (Spiritually) rus 07'áu chymical extra&ions,and(if I might fo exprefs it) Spirits of dire&ions, :uov ñ Ti s that maybe to your Souls in your Pilgrima c towards Heaven, as your rÑÇ,715 rezrpóÇ Ship- provifions in a Sea voyage, generallyfafficient, when others cannot 7 ;rof .4>:1! be had. Plainly pra&ife thefe memorials of dire&ion in all your confci- .r" 4 7115 encious walkinw. Sirs J)NaoovrstS , eTaonNcwv. Clem I. Confult dlsty, not events. There's nothing in the world for us to do, Alexandr. but to mind our duty. Curious fpeculations that tend not to holinefs, sr, o .lib.6. may be reckoned among your faaperflwities : but mil-giving predi&ions p. 664. of what may or will befall you in the difcharge of your duty, may be reckoned