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Seem. o AndexaalyconfcdentIo ? 31 reckoned among your proffer iniquities: and to venture upon fin to dJ'ùxlPzw avoid daager,is to fn(ZtheShip forfear of Pirats, and muff be reckoned >Pb ra ß, atsaongti your greatefl follies, your worfl of fins. Is not their reafon z (queffionlefs their Confcience is) dangeroufly diflempered, that practical- ly argue, this way of duty may probaby procure mans difpleafure, and xwnr,zc v, therefore to prevent that, I'le take the courfe whichwill certainly pro- Jbsvxn ;Pi cure Gods difpleafure. Betides by-waies will not lead you co the place °`,cco 8n is-Pr" you aime at d, but on the contrary, keep your Confcienccs from being T,sáázars violated, and you cannot be miferable. O how calm and quïet,as well aFrrëvTrv. as holy and heavenly would our lives be, had we learnt but this tingle 4;6771. Leffon ; to be careful for nothing but to know, and do our duty, and úvza ßòd` `dt-cte to leaveall effe&s, confequents and events toGod. The truth is,'cis a daring boldnefs for filly duff to prefcribe co infinite wifdom, and to let cr v go our work,tomeddle with Gods : he bath managed the concernmencs Fug 7,1; R{,S of the world, and of every individual perfon in it, without giving ai d1aAi.cs occafion to any one to complain,for above this five thoufand years, and enitIE°l"oi'li w doth he now need your counfel ? Therefore let it be your only bufinefs dvzds. Plutar. to mind duty. Aye, but how fhall I knowmy duty ? take a fecond `P`t ¡a p47 4 memorial. e Macyiime II. whet adviceyou wouldgive to another,ta1Zeyour ( "elves a. The worfi 7iavaxkv i 7i)* of men are apt enough to lay fuch burthens onother mens £ fhoulders, an which if they would take them upon their own,they wouldbe rare Chri- o x et `-`7`; oTtcct tip 527YO , aims. e.g. The very outcryof thofe that revileGodlinefs, who deal by CN a orav 3 the mifcarriages of Profeffours, as the Leviteby his concubine, quarter ,,, nvC them and divulge them ; even they expeCt that thofe which make a qa.09áyyt j,v,50s3 ftriaprofeflìon of Religion, fhould be beyond exception blarnelefs ; and :61Y-41' 144as they [ even they] (corn thofe that make anydefellion from their profeffed ' ßd" flriotnefs. Andon the other fide, thole that are holy,they expec`I, that R?= even gracelefsperlons, fhould bear reproof, receive inftruaion, and you,c, IFS change the courfe of their lives. In middle cafes then between thefe a'Nvuaduro extreams,what exaCinefs will feriousChriftians require,where the byaa cixx vrs. of their own corruptions doth not mìfguide them ? Davidwas twice g Ep'fter.c.33. furprifed to pats fentence againtl himfelfbyremote parables, ( wherein Simp.p.¡58. he miaruaed nothimfelf to be concerned)wherein this rule's coo fhort, gsam add a third. .i.5,6 i am.t4.4,i4. III. Do nothingon which you cannot pray for a bluing. `here prayer ' S Ti ' cloth not lead, repentance mull follow ; and 'tù a defperate adventure to l'h 5 3,4 anupon hopes o repentance. Every ation and ceffation too of aChrifti- `. an that's good, and not to be refuted, is fanciified by the word and 1 1 prayer.It becomes not a Chriftian to do any thing fo trivial k, that he TreOnaio Lcd can't 6'z`y za ?UYí-