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AChain o /Principles. 65 Which he couldnot have laid, had not Exerc.. t. the dovîrine he preached among them been iùficient to have led all his hear ers to the fruition of God in Chriíl, and therein to complete happinefs. That by the countl of God he intended to decipher ChriftLian Religion is ma- nifefl, becaufe that was the furn ofall his minií+ery, as we finde him decla- ring elfewhere, Having obtained help of . Q,' r, God, I continue unto this day vitnefsingboth to fmall andgreat,faying none other things- then thofe which the Prophets andMofes did fayfhould come : That Chri/I fbould f í f er, and that be fhould be thefirft that /hould rife from the dead mac. §. 3. Counfel it is and therefore flyled fometimes myftery , and that a great one Without controver f e great is the myftery of godlinefs. x3;s t.?çcE of Rea ligion, as others render it; meaning the Chriflian an epitome whereof fol- loweth God manifeft in the f l fh and = Cor. fometimes wirdome,and that not among punies and novices, who fee not into I the