Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

6. Chainof Principles. Aph. 2, fetually adminiflred by the Prophets and Apoflles,efpeciallyby Chrift him fell, whole words were filch as led di redly to everlafling blifs. infomuch John 6.67,68. as when Jefus laid, to the twelve 'till ye al/o go away ? Peter anfweredhim Lord to whom (hall we go ? 'Thou haft the words of eternal life. As if he had faid , Go whither we will to other teachers, we thall be lurenot to meet withwords of eternal life any where elfe. Such are proper to Chrifls fchool taught onely by himfelf, and his under-offi- cers : whereof one hath left this pro- z John 1,3: fefsion upon record, That which we have feen andheard declare we unto you, thatye afo may havefellafhip with us and tru- ly ourfellowfhip is with the Father andiith his Son Iefus Chrifl. So the Difciple whorn.Jefus loved in his firll.epiflle. Aa.zo.26,2,7. Another this; I takeyou to record this day, that I ampure from the bloud of all men : for I have not punned to declare untoyouall the counfel ofGod. So Paul in his vale- ditory fpeech to theElders ofEpheJus. Which