Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

Chain of Principles. Aph. 2. No man bath f erg God at any time, the one John Lie. y begotten Son, which is in the bofome of the Father he bath declared him. So the Evan-. geliI, or, as others think, the BaptilL z Cr. a s ;'s, .,,ßll things are ofGod, who bath reconciled 19' to to himfei by AltoChrift, and bathgiven unto us theminifieryof reconciliation, to wit that God :Dtis in Ctrl z7c. So theApo- fUle. The poor Pagan knovveth nei- ther God nor Chrift but ignorantly turneth the truth of God into a lie, worfhlpping creatures; and in flead of Chrift is direóed by his Theolo. gy to the fervice of a middle fort ofdi- See M. Atede vine powers cabled Damons and s dipoflafie of .tae rrttev tilicf. looked at as 1!llediatours between the luent' & celeftial Sovereign Gods whom the Gentiles worfhip , and mortal men. The modern Jew acknowledgeth the true God of his fathers Abraham, Ifaac and 7acob, but ownethnot Jets the fon of Mary for the true Chrift; yea du- owneth him fo far as not onely to expe& another Mefsias, but (if writers ece.ive us not )toblafphene and cur['e him