Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

.,1 Chain ofPrinciples. 87 from the creatures, but íhorild have Exerc. 3 known little or nothing of his will had not canonical Scripture revealed it. We ufe to call a mans Teftament his lafd will, becaufe in it hemakes a fi- nal declarationof what he would have his executours do. He that would ex- a&1y know the will of God mufW look into his twoTeftaments : there he fball finde it fully expreffed, and no where elfe. 4.3. II. Thofe foretold future events, which made them to be fo much fre- quented by fuch as thirfted after knowledge of things to come. Thefe reade every one his def}iny , and ac., quaint him aforehand with what he may or may not infallibly expect acy cording to his prefent and future qua- lifications. Not to mention prophe fes in the New teffament whereof the principal magazine is the Apoca- lypfe, theold contains verymany pre- dióions beyond the activity of hu- mane forefight. For although fuch e£ fens