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,,d 88 4 Chain of Principles. Aph. Z. fe6is as depend upon natural causes ( which are uniform in their work- ings) may be foretold by a skilful' na- turalifl ; and awife Statefman, obier ving the prefent conftitution of a go- vernment, may prognofticatewhat e- vents are like to enfue upon thofe coupfels and courfes which he fees ta- ken : yet the quickefl eye upon earth cannot forefee fuck future contingents as have their dependance upon the mere free-will of perfons yet unborn; and whereunto, when they are born, not common principles but heroick impulfes muff incline them. Whereas in the Scriptures we meet with the names of Jofiab and Cyrus and with their performances long before they had a being. We finde old Jacob fore- telling the refpedive fates of all his children, andof their pofterity ; Ifaiah fpeakingof Jefus Chrit as ifhe had written an hiftory rather then a pro= phefie ; And Daniel, who lived under . the fitfi, defcribing the feverall revolu- tions v..