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. Chain ofPrinciples. 89 tions urider all the other Monarchies Exerc. 3. as ifhe had feen them with his eyes. 4. 4. III. Thofe gave advice in doubtful' cafes, and were in all under- takings of moment confultedwith by devout Heathens, who as Strabo tefis Lib. 16. in de- fies, in their chief affairs -dilate relied cc *. ju` æ' more upon the anfwers oftheir oracles then upon humane pollicies. Thefe were Davids delight and his counfellours, Peal. 139. 24. as we ufe to advifewith thofe friends, whom we take moil pleafure in. He had manywife men about him, but in all their meetings for advice the word ofGod was fill ofthe Quorum, and no- thing to be concluded of in the refult without its confent. Scripture mufÈ not onelybe heard in all our debates, but when any thing comes to be vo- ted, always have a negative voice. Cons cerning .flchitophels advice it was faid, what he counfelled in thole days 1vao a ifa mean had enquired at the Oracle of God ; z Sam. 6, laid. which words ( being as it is well raid by Peter Martyr, Comparatia non equipa- N ratio,