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96 Aph. Z. Euieb. pra;pa- rat. Evangelic. lib. 4. Pa¡cimur aper- tia, excrcemur o(ifcuru, flic fames' pelliiur, hic tPcuguLt. P? Publicola. Livius libai, & az. S, Walt. Ra leigh,lib.5.pag. 374, & 393. .fl Chain of Principles.. name of becaufe tae feldome an- swered directly indoubtfull cares, but ufed filch a form ofwords as might be diverfly interpreted, to the end his cre- dit might be falved whatever event the bufinefs had about which he was confulted with. Whereas Scripture is fo framed, as to deliver all things ne- ceffary to falvation in-a clear and per fpicuous way. There are indeed Come obfcure paflages in it to exercife our underftandings , and prevent our lo- thingof overmuch plainnefs and fiin- plicity : yet whatfoever is needful! for us to fatisfie hunger, andnouriíh our fouls to life eternal, is fo expreft (I do not fay that it may beunderftood, but fo) as men that do not wilfully íhut their eyes again ft the light,cannot po% fibly but underftand it. 4.z. Minpoint ofpiety.Theheathen were put upon manyungodly pra ti fes by their oracles, if good hiftorians may be credited, even, by thofe of the Sibyls, which were of greateft efteem for