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f Chain ofPrinciples. 97 for fanifiity. But the frame of Scri- Exerc. 4. pture is according to godlinefs. Piety fparkleth in every leaf, and through, out the whole there runs a conffant exaltation of God in Chrift. Well nigh all forts of Poems ( to infhance in them ) with which we meet in hu= mane writings have their parallels in the Canonical books but they are fuch as carry in them a genius and (train . of godlinefs far beyond any thing that occurs in the Poems of men. There are 'E;, .Songs of vic` ory ; butfuch as exalt, not the prowefs ofman, but, the glory ofGod. SoExodus the fifteenth. 'E7rxi1i funeral /wigs but fuch as celes brate Chrifrs death and the good will of God therein ; fo Pfalm the twenty fecond , and Ifaiah the fifty third. 'Epwnxá tongs of love, but fuch as fet forth the love of Chrift to his Spoufe the Church and her mutual affe6tion to him. So Pfalm the fourty fifth, and the Canticles. There are alto all'."'z fa- cred paftorals, but fuch as magnifie no O other