Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

To+ A Chain of Principles. Aph. 2. ing witnefs to the divinity of holy writ, and to the truthofhis own tefti- mony fo puttinga final iffue to that controverfie. But becaufe there is need of other reafons for the conviaion of cap, uit, Tac`îca sacta, other men I haveproduced certain ar- Iib.z, guments elfevr,There and {hall here make an addition of two more,which are not mentioned in that difcourfe, one from confent, another from con- tinuance. 4. 6. From confentthus.. Writings of men differ exceedingly one from Tune inter Tbi- another which made Seneca fay, Phi- lolopibac conne- 2 niet panda in- lofophers would then be all ofone mindewhen zee Horoloia. all clocks were brought tofirike at one andtbe fame time. Yea it is hard finding an au- thour that doth not differ from him- felfmore or lets, ifhe write.much,and at various feafons. But here is a molt harmonious confent. Theword fence written fully agrees with that which in former times was delivered to the Patriarchs , and tranfmitted by word ofmouth. As the word Godis the fame to