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A ChinofPrinciples. 1©3 Secretaries the Evangelifts and Apo- Exerc. 4. flies another Volume,I mean thebooks ofthe New Teflament; upon the pub- lifhing whereof there carne out from God as it were a fecond editionof his Oracles much enlarged. §, 5. Fifthly and laflly. In point of authoritie. Thofe were from the father of lies as hath .. been laid ;. but thefe from the Father of lights. Scripture is ofdivine authority : Holy men ofGod z Pet, s, zx:. (faith Peter) JJiake as they were moved by the Poly Ghofi. They wrote according- ly. ,,ill Scripture, faith Paul, 'mad given Z Tim. 3.16. by infjiiration of God. It is not more true that they areoracles for their ofe, then that they have God for their authour. Many large volumes have been writ- ten for to make good this affertion. It is a thing wherein the Spirit of God, who indited the Scripture, gives filch abundant fatisfation to the fpirits of godly men as to make other argu- ments though not ofclefs , yet to them. of lefs. necefsity He alone bear ing