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11 Aph. 2. In. Hifpania in Indice libriirum prohibitorum Reginafexta fzc habet. Pro- hibentir Biblia ínvolgari lin- gua earn omni- busftis partibtu. Azor. raft. moral. Toma. lib. 8. cap. 26. Pag. 714. Anglia, mops, pons, Eons, Ec- clefia,fxmina, lana. A Chin ofPrinciples. bim, and he wentforth conquering and to conquer. Yea whereas there are fundry modes of the Chrif}ian Religion, we are therefore to have our hearts and mouths filledwith the high& praifes of God, becaufe we have it in the pu- reft, that is, theProtef1ant way, which allows the people in general a free ufe of Bibles in their native language. In fundry partseven of Europe it is far o- therwife, particularly in Spain where the Bible in their vulgar tongue is rec- koned among prohibited books, and fufficeth tobring him that reads it into danger ofthe In+quifition.Wherefore let fuch as lift make their boaft of other things which England is faid tobe fa- mous for,as beautifull Churches,bride ges, women, éc. IfI wereasked what advantage haveEnglifh men and what profit is there ofliving in that Ifland, mine anfwer íhould be much every way;but chieflybecaufe to them are có- mitted the Oracles ofGod,& liberty to reade their fathers minde in their mother tongue. .APHO-