Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

ii 4 AChain of Principles. Aph. 3. tongue, as drunkards commonly tare to be , prating and venting his own apprehenfions every where ; yea per paps boafting ofhimfelfand his party as too many, too hard for all their op= pofites. So one drunkard our proverb faith, is fourty men /irons. Who fo at- tempts to reafon with him will eafily finde him as uncapable of conviti- Sam. 25. 37. oII, as Nabal was of .fÍbiaails nar- ration till his wine was gone out of him. I V. That the caufe was :manifeft why fuch men had a charge given them not to fin, Awake unto rglteouf- nets, faith the .Apoftle, and fin not. For that the defperate opinion they had embraced was an high-way to abo- minable courfes. The deniall ofa re. furreCion bath a natural tendency to loofnefs of life, inclining men to fay, 3 Cor. 15. 3a: as they did Let us eat and drink for to morrow we (hall die. And the more li- centious any man is, the morewilling to clofe with fuch an opinion. Accord- ingly