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chainof Principles: tion, and make their boafl offlrong- efl affurances : yet all this be but like the talkingor walking ofmen in their fleep , or like the quick and nimble phantafmes of 'dreaming fludents. Their devotion is but a dream of pie- ety, their affurance will prove but a dream ofhappinefs. 4. z. III. That the word 'EKV,4,,Ts there ufed by the Apoflle is very em- phatical, and properly lignifies an a- waking out offuck a fleep as hath been occafioned by too muchdrink. Thus ioah.awoke from his wine, and Awake ye .drunkards faith Joel. Neither will it be difficult to difcern in a fenfual opini onifi the fymptoms ofa drunken man. Ye may fee him reeling to and fro now entertaining this odd conceit, to mor- row that, and the next day a third, un-, flable in all: well if not vomiting too andcalling out fcornfull reproaches up- on all that are of a contrary judge- ment, as upon dark and low-fpirited men. Ye may perceive him full of tongue 113 Exerc. ta ée,4vw4s C ;.. : cyví- Jcc. .g.