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16 Chain of Principles. AAph. 3. ,(lame you , but as my beloved fins l t'arri you. Here he fetteth an edge upon his rebuke, and telleth them he fpake it to their fhame; becaufe the herefie he ftri- leth at, Bruck at the root ofall religi-- on and became an in-let to Epicu= rifine, yea to Atheifme. VI. That from the latter part alone, Some have not the knowledge ofGod, IPeak this to your palm , three obfervations may be raìfed without offering vio- lence to the words, one as implied, the ref} as exprefed, towit, L. There is a knowledgeofGod to be had. 2.. Some have it not. 3. The want of it is a matter of íhame. All which I intend to infift upon in this and the following Exercitations. 4. Concerning the fir% There is a knowledge ofGod toperfetlion, which is always fairing; and another to f lva-. tion indeed but as yet imperfect. The former hash been proudly challenged by