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AChain of Principles. n7 by force Ions ofdelufion, and account- Exerc. t: ed attainable in this life by the foie im= provement of reafon. For we reade of . etiws that he dared to fay, Ifo know God "ov s ót a I do my fell; yea I do not know my Milo. ri27 Abell as I do God. A. certain evidence to TY °` i¡,caunvuis r make it appear that the wretch nei- E Eoph. ther knewhimfelf, nor God. And Pe- row; quod Deus eft humrt- trws ,Abelardus is laid to havemaintain- m ratónbeu:na- ed this aífertion prEbendipofJe That thewholeaf Gods orana. n,r&. effnce may becomprehended by humane rear EcdeC zcentun. r. p GS. Jon. But the truth is, it is neither at- tainable in this life as being.referved for another world ( according to the Apolfles do&nine, We know but inpart. I Cor, 13° When that which ispertti is come, then that 911°. Ushich is inpart pall be done aTay) nor at all by the foie improvement of reafon. The letter cannot comprehend the greater God is greater then our heart, = 7ah, 3' Mo faith S`. john, therefore incomprehen.P fible by the {hallow reafon of fhip- wrack'd nature. He and the Sun are alike in this,both refre{h wary behold- ers but pit out the eyes of curious Q. 3 pryers. ,