Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

efi Chain of Principles, 12 r beginning) he will fee and underBand Exerc, the invifible things ofGod by the things that a ,.T. °fv än R. - are made, even his eternal po, er and God- .rur kadc7fx. head, as Paul fpeaks. Bajil therefore a` 'Yù °' ovvceQía6 called the world a fchool wherein reafonable fouls are taught the know- ledge of God. In a mufical inf$ru- ment when we obferve divers firings meet in an harmony,we conclude that force skilfull mufician tuned them ; when we fee thoufands of men in a field,marfhalledunder feveral colours, all yeelding exa& obedience we in- fer that there is aGeneral, whofe com- mands they are all fubjeft to. In a watch , whenwe take notice of great and fmall. wheels all fo fitted as to concur to an orderly motion, we ac- knowledge the skill of an artificer. When we come into aPrinting-houfe and fee a great number ofdifferent let- ters fo ordered as to make a book, the confideration hereofmaketh it evident that there is a compofer, by wholeart they were brought into fuch a frame. R When