Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

izo Chain of Principles. Aph. Z. before the written word. We may therefore well beginwith it. EXERCITATION Z. That there is a God, the prime dictate, of natural light ; deducible frommans looking backwardto the creation,forward to the rewards andpunifh- ments diferifed after death, upward to the An- gels above us , downwards to inferiour beings, within our (elves to thecompofition of our bodies, and dictates of our confciences, about as to the various occurrences in theworld. §. I. Here are fix feveral a&s which 1 n every ma ofunderftanding is able to exert ina way ofcontemplati- on : He may relliicere, pro3picere, fac,7fi- cere, defilicere in iicere and circum.Ji- cere. Whofoever fha11 advisedly exer- cife any of thefe will undoubtedly meet with force demonff rations of a Deity much more if he be induftri- oufly converfant in them all. I. If he do re f icere look backward to the creation of the world ( which the light ofnature will tell him had a be-