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i z 6 .1 Chain ofPrinciples. Aph. 3. ing that of the Plalmifl The heaven of heavens is theLords, and the earth bath he given to the children ofmen as ifGod left us to do what we lift upon earth, con- fining himfelf and his providence to the heavens; thereby as far as he open- ly duríl difavowing a Deity. Where- upon he was flruck fuddenly with ex- treme torments in his body, and be- gan to crie out O God 0 God. So na- tural it is even for the worfl of man. kinde to acknowledge a God in their extremities ; and for others more in- genuous, even among thofe that want Scripture-light (as Tertullian hath ob- ferved ) to be frequently laying, God eth. I commend it to God God mill re. compenfe : which drew from hits an ex- clamation that mull be warily under- tefimma flood 0 the teftimony of a foul naturally rem anima naturalstey Chri f ian r Cipiftian.e Teetuila A- §. 4. V I. Ifhe do circums7 icere, look polog, round about him to the various occur- rences in the world ; the great deli- verances vouchfafed to force, the great calamities