Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

.41 Chain of Principles. f2.7 calamities brought upon others, both Exerc.z. beyond all expe&ation. The Lord is, Pfaff. . 16. and cannot but be known by the judge- ments )hick he executeth; to by the bleu sings which he beíloweth. Who can fee a Daniel ref-cued from reafonable li- ons, unreafonable men, a Mofes prefer- ved in an ai k of bulruíhes a Noah in a deluge of waters, others in a furnace offire? Who can behold a Pharaoh pla- gued, an Herod eaten up with worms, an Achitophel making away himfell, a Judas bodingaíunder in the midi}, an Arius voiding of his bowels, and not crie out as it is in the Pfalm 5°.111, there is a reward for the riihteows doubt- left there is a God that judgeth the earth? We meet with a paffage inAtheneus not unworthy as I conceive, to be taken notice of, and 'recorded here. When at a publick meeting in fameplace of re- ceit, abeam of the houfe fuddenly fal- ling had dahedout the brains of a no- torioully wicked man in the fight of many by- Randers to whom he was known-