Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

" Chain of Principles. 133. was ; for that might have been Paid of Exerc. 3. Enoch, Noah and others who lived be- fore Abrahams time, yet were not eter- nal, but I am. If it be rendered I am what I was, as Pifcator would have it, then it fpeaketh his Immutability : I am in executing,what I was inpromifing, Yefierday and to day and thefame for ever. If, as others, I will be what Iwill be, then it denotes his Independency. That cf. fencewhich thecreatures have depend.- eth upon the Creatours will ; None of them can fay I will be , not having of and in it felf any power, to make it felf perfevere in being as God hath. It may perhaps intimate all thefe, and Rae zebra hoc continentur much more then the tongues of An- omniumhow- gels can utter. Verily it is a f .eech rxam:capacita- J p tcm tranfcen- containing more in it ( as a learned dRiveuatt. r. t And, in writer acknowledgeth ) then humane E=od.3.14. capacities can attain. §. 3. I íhall therefore forbear to eni large upon it. Let me onely obferve before. I leave it the notorious impu- dence of apoflate ; fpirits. Satan not S 3 conT