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132, 'AChain ofPrinciples'. Aph. 3. Lion ; for according to different read, ings it impliethdifferent things. Read- ing. it, as we do, lam that l am it im- portet.h the fupremacie of Gods being, The creatures have more of non-entity thenof being in. there : It is proper to him to -fay I am. 'E« ó fo the: Septua- gint. Or, the fimplicity thereof; whereas in creatures the Thingand its Being, .Ens and Entia arediftinguifhable, in him, theyare both one..Or the inef5abili- tie; as if the Lord had Paid to Mofes, enquiring his name I am my fe f and there is nothing without my felt that can ful-ly.exprefs myBeing.Which Scalig. de Subput Scaliger upon inventing that admi- tilit. Exercit. 365. § Z. rable epithet 'AUTCrIÒÇ, that is., Ipfifsimuu Ipfe. Or laftly the Eternitie thereof; fince there never was, never will bea time, whereinGodmight not, or may not fay of himfelf 1am. Whence it is, that when Chriff would manifet his 14itat; 5. _, goings out from everlafling, as .Micah phra- feth- it, he maketh ufe of this expref Joy. s. rs. lion, Before Abrahamwas.,_ .1 am not .1 WO;