Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

136 Chain of Principles.. Aph. 3. the root , the branch from both, yet but one tree : becaufe a root may for fome time be without a trunk and a trunk without a branch, but God the Father neverwas without his Son, nor theFather andSon without their coe- ternal Spirit. Neither that of a chry- flall Ball held in a riveron a Sunfhine- day , in which cafe there would be a Sun in the Firmament, begetting anos ther Sun upon the .chryflai1 Ball, and a third Sunproceeding from both the former, appearing in the furface ofthe water ; yet but one Sun inall : for in this comparifon two of the Suns.are but imaginary, none reali fave that in heaven; whereas theFather,Word and Spirit are ,diflin&ì Perlons indeed but each of them truly and really God. §. 5. Well therefore may Rheto= ricians fay It is not in us and in our fimilitudes fully to clear this high point; Logitians allo, It is not in us and in our demonflrations fully to prove