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A Chain ofPrinciples. 137 prove it. For however reafon be ableExerc. 3 from the creatures to demonítrate a Godhead, as hath been faid,, yet it can- not from thence a Trinity; no more then he that looks upon a curious pi- &ure can tell whether it was drawnby an EngliJh=man,or an Italian, onely that the piece hadan artificer, and fuchan one as was a prime mailer in that fa culty:becaufe the limbner drewit as he was an artifr, not as one of this or that nation. So the world is a prodution of that Effénee which is common to all three, not any perfonal emanation from this or that fubfiJlent; which is the reafon why a Deity may be inferred from thence, but not any dií}inftion of Perfons, much lets the determinate number of a Trinity. The doarine whereof is like a Temple filled with fmoke fuch fmoke as not onelyhin- ders the viewofthe quick& eye, but hurts the fight offuch as darewithun- due curiofity pry into it. Amyftery, which my faith embraceth as revealed T ire