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1 Chain of Principles. 139 the Sun-beams. I reje6 not as inva- Exerc.3. lid , but onely forbear as lets evident the places commonly citedout of Mo- fes and the Prophets ; choofing rather to infift upon New- teflament difco- veries, when the vail which formerly hid the Holy of Holies from mens fight was rent inpieces, and the fecrets of heavenexpofed to more openview, then whilefi the Church was in her minority. At our Saviours baptifme there was a clearer manifefFation of the Trinity then ever before; as ifGod had referved this difcoveryonpurpofe to add the greater honour to his one- ly Sons folemn inauguration into the office of Mediatour-fbip which was_, then mofi vifibly undertaken. Who fo caf%s his eye upon the third chapter of the Gofpel according to Luke, will quickly difcern the Father in an audiblevoice, heard but not fen, This is my beloved Son , in whom I am well Verf, 11,1z azo pleafed. The word ?node fief!) now in the voce Pater, meatus umá,ea water, receiving baptifine , and after Fearren Qze, T praying,