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13s ilChain ofPrinciples. Aph. 3. in the word, but my realm cannot fa- thome. Whileft others run themfelves on ground, and difpute it till their un- derftandings be non-pluft ; may I be enabled to beleeve what Scripture te- flifiethconcerning an unbegotten Father, an onely -begotten Soir, and an ,cooly Spirit proceedingfrom both ; Three, yet but One: and therein to acquiefce without en- quiring as Mary did, when the Angel foretold her miraculous conception, Row can this thing be ? To which que- Ilion my return Mould be no other but that of4ufline,who notwithfland- ing his fifteen books concerning the Nefcio, b li- Trinity, modeftly Paid, ./Iskefl thou me benter nefcire yroccteor. Au -_ how there can be Three in One and One guít. term. de ? I d in Three o not tempore i 8g. kno' , and amfreely Dining to profefs my ignorance herein. Ve- rily this light is dazling, and our eyes are weak. It is a cafe wherein the wi- fefl clerks are punies and theablefl Oratours infants. 4. 6. Yet is the myftery it of written in Scripture as it were with the