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AChain of Principles. 19-3 as Sitnab to theSocinians; they hate the Exerc. 4. thoughts of it much more the ac- knowledgement. But can anyman fay by the Spirit of God, that theSpirit is not God ? Is it not as clear by Scripture=light that Chrifl is God as by Natures light that God is? Are they Chrií}ians and Spiritual, who denie the divinity of Chrifß and the Spi- rit ? Let the judgement of charity en- joy its due latitude: but for my part, I would not for a thoufand worlds have a Socinians account to give at the end of this. EXERCITAT1ON 4, Divine Attributes calling for tranfcendent reffieéá. They are fit down in the Scripture fo, es to curb our curiofitie, tohelp our infirmity, toprevent our mifapprehenfions , and to raifeour e¡leem ofGod. Spiritual knowledge fuperadding to literal clear- nei of light , fweetene f oftale, fof of interefi and finceritie ofobedience. NExt to the Effenceand Subf fence of God, his Attributes are to be confider-