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144 AChain of Principles. Aph, 3. confitiered ; concerning which I pre- mile this rule. §. I. The degrees ofour re11)eEl are to keep proportion with degrees of worth in perlons and things ; ordinary worth requiring e/Ieem, eminent calling for reverence fupereminent for admirati- on, yea and adoration too, if it bean un- created objeCI. Hence thePfalmifEup- on contemplationofGod crieth out as Pfal.o 8, I, in an extahe, 0 Lord, our Lord, howex' and 9` cellent is thy Name in all the earth ! His At- tributes are his Name ; their worth fo fuperexcellent , as far to tranfcend the utmoft pitch of that observance, which we, poor we, areable any way to render. Seeingas the ¡Ears ofheaven difappear , and hide their heads upon the rilingof the Sun that out-fhineth them : fo creatures Teem not to be excel- lent, yea, not to he, when thebeing and excellency of their .Maker difplayeth it i.ïai. 40. 17, Pelf, according to that, 411 nations be fore himare as nothing ; and they arecount- ed to him lets then nothing and vanity. The beft