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6 Aph. 3. Sca1iR,.de Sub- tüi, Exercit. 3(,5. § iwa . , 7W o nrc.; Ta- ke-TM. A1úrx Écvv 7yaw5tS, 4Ef ?FY.,ES éwa 1 oH7w. Nazi anz, hymn. ad Deurr, áleliìasf"eP44r ne(ii'eo. Aug. Db.,. de or- ii1nen Chain òfPrinciplê.s fearchable : whereby we are taught that it is eafier for us to knowwhat he is not,thenwhat he is;which is known onely to himfelf. The Mt terms (as Scaliger hath it) for men to manifeíl; their ttinder#handing of God by are thole which manifebit that they under. ftand him not. Thou, 0 Lord, faith Na- Jianzen haft produced all thole things ( f which ve fpeak; but art unfßeakable thyJeif. /Ill that can be known yT is from thee, but thou thy 'elfcan/I not be keno n. YeaAu/lin was not afraid to affirm that ?1 eJcience is the better ü)ay of knowing God. Secondly -io as to help our infìrmitie. For whereas we are not able by any one aft of our finite u.nderffandings to comprehend that infinite Efpence, which is it 9elf one fimple Ast but comprehenfive of all perfec-lions; Ho- ly Scripture condefcending to. our weak nels, alloweth us to take up as it were in several parcels, what we can- not compafs at once; and in conteri- plating the Attributes to conceive . fam.