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Chain ofPrinciples. 145 béíí of them have but force perfe&i- Exerc.4., tins : God either hath (as manna is fuppofed to have had the relifh ofall meats) or containeth all; Sovereign ty comprehendeth inferiour honours. The bell of their perfections are mix- ed with forne defeas : but God is light, _`Jo i. z. sm and him is nodarknefs at all. Theymay be perfe& and good in their kinde : He is perfection and goodnefs it fell. In them we may finde matter of 2) on- derment, but ofafonifhment inhim, wit. nefs that eminent place Nehem. 9. i. Blefdbe thy glorious 1 acne, #hich is ex- alted above dl blefsing andprafe. Nature, though not altogether filent upon this argument, towit the divineAttributes, yet enjoyeth but a dim light todifco- 'ver them by, whereas the Scripture re- prefenteth them moff magnificently in fundry refpe `ts. §. 2. Firf+, fo as to curb our curiofitie. For which end it expreffeth divers of themnegatively, as when God is Paid tobe infinite, immortal, invifible, un. V learchable: