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1Chain of Principies. r y thole very things which are contained Exerc. 4. in the written word - onelyhe affords regenerate perfons clearer light to difcern them by, then any theyhad be- fore their converfion.Take a man that is now become a learnedCritick, turn him to the fame Authour which he perufedwhen hewas a young fludent; he will finde the felf-fame matter, but fee a great deal further into it, becaufe he hath now got further light. So is it here. Secondly, Sweetnefs of tale. -Ifate Can«cz°3, down under his fhadoiv i1)ith srcat delight,. and his fruit was f 'eet to no) talk. So the Spoufe. 0 tafle and fee that the Lord is rr,',35.R. good. So the PfalmifF. Upon which place the School:men have founded their; dif}int Lion of knoWedge iffight sci az z:s and a knowledge oftafle. Spiritual lcience£t,r . s is fteeped in affeaion 3 takingdelight in the things known, and not barely apprehending, buy relifhing and fa. vouring what it apprehendeth with . abundance of love and complacency. Whence